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Born in 2015, XPEDITION Magazine is the first Dubai-homegrown luxury travel and fashion publication targeted to affluent societies in the Middle East and recently expanding to Asia and the Americas. XPEDITION Magazine, the only publication of its kind - solely owned by a Filipino - is empowered to its core of harmonizing the most celebrated artists, the most courageous fashion innovations, and the most riveting travel destinations globally featuring the most impactful stories of celebrities, influencers, and iconic personalities. 

Night Skies

XPEDITION Magazine  x  kumu •  2024 • 



Conquering the #kumuniverse

“Don't be complacent - your blessing is your curse, don't be hopeless your curse is your blessing”




Yugen PR Dubai at the 76th Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival is the pinnacle of all the Film Festivals globally, previewing all the latest films and documentaries from countries all over the world.


For sun, sea, and a stylish entertainment event, there’s nothing quite like the Cannes Film Festival. Bring your guests to the highlight of the film calendar, where they can rub shoulders with the world’s most distinguished A-list celebrities in the romantic French Riviera city of Cannes.


Yugen PR offers full PR and Marketing services in Cannes and gives you exclusive access to all the fashion and beauty showrooms, restaurants, parties, photographers, hotels, and red-carpet premieres during the festival + PR and media exposure.

Want to attend next season? Write us an email at to find out more

Dubai-based luxury fashion influencer Anastasia Shev Invited to Walk the prestigious Cannes Film Festival red carpet wearing Dubai-based fashion label Kristina Fidelskaya

Anastasia Shev was personally invited by the organizing committee to attend and watch the premiere of French historical-romantic drama La Passion de Dodin Boufantt 

Dubai-based luxury fashion influencer Anastasia Shev poses in front of the camera as she walks the prestigious red-carpet premiere of French historical-romantic drama La Passion de Dodin Bouffant, today, May 24, 2023, at the 76th Cannes Film Festival.


Anastasia Shev was seen wearing an elegant corseted black ensemble with ruffled tulle made by Dubai and UAE-based fashion label, Kristina Fidelskaya.


This is Anastasia’s debut at the Cannes Film Festival and she is honored to be invited and represent the UAE in this prestigious annual gathering of film and entertainment industry.



The Future is The Philippines

 Vice President Sara Zimmerman Duterte

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About Our Anniversary Issue

When you meet the most influential female leader in the land - you anticipate to digest an inimitable ray of wisdom. But moreover, I have learned something from her that no amount of books would have taught me - that you cannot cross the ocean until you have the courage to forget the beauty of the shore - to be a strong soul amidst challenges, to be a vigorous spirit amidst the world’s stereotypes and to have a passionate heart that is kind, lifting and loving to everyone. A leader is a paragon of unity, bravery, and humility.

On our 8th Anniversary, XPEDITION MAGAZINE presents the Cover Story of the highest-ranking female official in the land - The Vice President of the Philippines and the Secretary of Education - Her Excellency Sara Zimmerman Duterte.


From zero, we started the brand of @xpeditionmagazine 8 years ago in Dubai, UAE - with a mission and vision to inspire everyone to travel and explore the beauty that the world has to offer, until we evolve as a travel and fashion magazine featuring the most celebrated fashion brands, impeccable designers and influential celebrities such as Pia Wurtzbach, Catriona Gray, Urvashi Rautela, Elsa Majimbo, Natalia, Alden Richards, Bailey May, Kylie Verzosa, Harnaaz Sandhu amongst others.



And now on our 8th Anniversary Issue, as we continue working to rise as a sole Filipino-owned brand - we go back to the roots of our Founders - an entire edition dedicated to one of the fastest-growing nations in Asia featuring the most enchanting travel destinations in the country, a rich culture, and the best culinary journey. Cocooned with inspirational stories filled with talented, determined, and optimistic people united in one dream of peace, progress, and prosperity - the same vision of our iconic cover - an empowering leader with the largest mandate ever bestowed by Filipinos in history with more than 32 million votes. A story about hope, hard work, and home — because the future is now and - ‘The Future is the Philippines’



In The World!

Live lavishly at The Balesin Royal Villa. Meticulously designed, The Balesin Royal Villa takes the best of Asian royal heritage and blends it into something wholly original.


With its intricate filigree finishes, rich fabrics, and luxurious yet airy ambiance, the end result is an opulent setting fit for a king.

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Cult-Favorite Releases

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