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FAME+ Market Days Philippines to Highlight Sustainably-sourced Reclaimed Wood, Upcycled Materials...


FAME+ Market Days Philippines to Highlight Sustainably-sourced Reclaimed Wood, Upcycled Materials, and Bamboo to Attract Middle East Luxury Market

Dubai, UAE. October 19, 2022 - FAME+ Market Days, an immersive online event organized by the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), the export promotions arm of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is holding its second edition on October 20 – 21, 2022 live via Hopin and its inviting all Middle Eastern buyers, design enthusiasts, and manufacturers and companies to connect and network, and learn from thought leaders in design.

This year’s two-day Philippine sourcing festival is expected to be more business-oriented, as it shifts its focus towards product pitching and other business-to-business (B2B) activities.

“I believe that the Philippines is an untouched market when it comes to furniture designs. The country does not mass produce but rather value quality over quantity, and I think the Middle East market is looking for that kind of craftsmanship, with artistic value and exclusivity. This is what we would like to introduce to the market and I hope everyone can join us on Fame+ Market Days to explore the unparalleled talent of Filipinos in arts, crafts and design.” said Ian Borromeo, co-founder of Yugen PR Dubai, the official Marketing and Communications Agency of CITEM/FAME+ in the Middle East and is based in Dubai, UAE.

The future of furniture: Reclaimed wood, upcycled materials, and bamboo

By using responsibly sourced, upcycled, or recycled materials, furniture can be both fashionable and sustainable

For MSMEs selling furniture, the entire process of designing, sourcing materials, building, marketing, and selling products should have sustainability at the center. While wood is usually the main material used in furniture-making, it could also come with certain complications.

Deforestation is a huge issue in the country. The Philippines has lost 1.29 million hectares in forest tree cover since 2000. Since then, laws have been enacted to help protect the remaining forest area in the country.

While not all wood is sourced illegally, there’s still a good chunk of deforestation caused by illegal logging. No one can say for certain where the illegally logged timber goes, but a study conducted in 2011 claims that some local furniture manufacturers produce goods from trees cut down in protected areas.

With the current environmental and social climate, it’s important to know where raw materials are sourced. Here are a few sustainable sources for furniture making in the country.

Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood is old timber or lumber that was formerly used for another purpose. Reclaimed wood can come from old furniture, alcohol casks, structural supports, demolished homes, or even found washed up on the shore. This type of lumber is more sustainable because it’s already been used in the past, which means no new trees were cut down in the process of harvesting it.

Working with reclaimed wood is unique because each plank already comes with its own character and story. A few things to remember when working with reclaimed wood is that it can be more expensive than using virgin lumber. You’ll also benefit from dealing with reputable dealers or checking for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) seals to ensure that what you’re purchasing is truly reclaimed wood.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) stamped lumber

The FSC is a certification body that helps protect the forest by examining the chain of custody for lumber and wood-related products. Having an FSC seal on lumber ensures that the wood being sold is harvested legally, ethically, and responsibly.

There are FSC-certified lumber suppliers in the country, which is an ethical option for furniture companies who would like to work with virgin wood.


Bamboo is a heavily used, renewable resource in the country. This perennial plant can grow up to 1 ft. per day, and is a durable alternative to hardwood or virgin wood from trees. A few benefits bamboo has is its durability, flexibility, and adaptability to different types of designs.

While technically classified as a type of grass, bamboo can be made into different types of furniture like beds, tables, chairs, doors, and even huts. A downside to using bamboo is that it scratches easily when improperly finished. Insects and mold are also highly attracted to bamboo, which means it must be taken care of properly in order to last longer.

When it comes to sustainability in furniture, your imagination is the limit. There are possibilities for recycling and sustainability in every point of the journey. All you have to do is apply creativity and resourcefulness.


An online affair that started last year, FAME+ Market Days allows buyers from all over the world including from the Middle East, to discover premium products from top local brands and manufacturers. The event gathers local and international buyers, design enthusiasts, and Filipino manufacturers and companies to connect and network, and learn from thought leaders in design.

One of the components of this year’s event includes an expo where exhibitors present pitching videos that potential buyers can view on demand. These videos provide a glimpse into the companies’ brand story, product offerings, best practices, and processes and techniques among others.

In collaboration with local design authorities, the digital event will also unveil the latest home, fashion, and lifestyle pieces from CITEM’s product development program in Design Commune. Product design specialists Rita Nazareno and Gabby Lichauco will take part in the event to discuss the theme behind the newly developed products and the creative and production aspects behind the initiative. From the 50 companies that joined the program, more than 500 designs were developed.

The digital event will likewise feature Global Trend Ambassador Patti Carpenter and WGSN Global Trend Consultant Jacqueline Wong who will have their individual sessions to tackle macro trends and consumer profiles for future markets.

Overall, attendees can expect insightful talks, moderated segments, and live Q&A sessions with tastemakers and industry leaders, as they share their expertise on the latest trends in the home, fashion, and lifestyle sectors.

FAME+ Market Days is the culminating activity of a series of business-to-business or B2B meetings between top Filipino brands and potential buyers that will be conducted from October 17, 2022 until the last day of the online event.

FAME+ Market Days 2022 is held in partnership with the Philippine Exporters Confederation, Inc. (PHILEXPORT). To register and learn more about FAME+ Market Days 2022, visit:

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